Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FIREFOX 3 is up and kicking!

Firefox 3 is now available! Download it!
It certainly deserves a try, Faster loads of pages and other benefits is really amazing, play with it and check other features.

Firefox 3 is a free download, so what are you waiting for, break the world record for the most downloads in a day.

FireFox 3 Download

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Being a SEO and a Student?

Every time I go to the University, my classmates always asks me what keeps me busy. I just told them that I'm into SEO! and then they will ask, What's SEO? I will then reply to them "internet marketing". Following questions will be, Is it hard? Are you old enough for that work? Is the salary high? etc...

Being a SEO is not an easy work, there are ups and downs. Well I guess, It's a favor for me cause I enjoy fooling around on the internet. Posting to forums, submission to directories, social bookmarking sites, article submissions, pay per click management services, PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing, and other SEO stuffs which i enjoy a lot. At my age, i can say that I'm ready enough for this kind of field, although I'm not yet finish on college, I still have the capability to make money online.

So what is it about being a SEO? Well, It can be an advantage to be a SEO and a student at the same time, but would be a disadvantage too as well. I've seen a tons of good things to SEO like, learning internet marketing, experience, and of course earning money.

So what now is the disadvantages? Being a student and SEO at the same time requires organization of time. Oh my Gosh! Sleeping 4hrs a day really hurts! Anyway, I must suffer the consequences of my own. The article maybe quite complicated, but it will still worth-a-read.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Firing Firefox Tips

As an SEO, there are many software application I use in my desktop computer like: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows XP, etc... By far, my favorite application is my browser. No other than FIREFOX!.

I'm lucky to have a work related to the net. Doing PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing, link building, blog posting, directory submission and other SEO stuffs. Since we are living to a new version of internet, the web 2.0! I think that the creation of the Internet has trumped the early innovations like the invention of first cars, airplanes, trains, and other early stuffs. Internet is one of the best thing happen to human life. You must agree with me on that.

Since most of my time spend on surfing the internet, I love to get tips and tricks. And as an internet user i also want to share some to you guys, focusing to my favorite browser which is Firefox. Here are some Firing Firefox Tips, I hope that there is at least one on this list that you don't know before. I will consider this post a success if you have at least one.

Restoring Close Tabs - Closing a tab by accident really hurts. Now, you can restore it by clicking Ctrl + Shift + T.

Extension of FoxMarks - it is the best choice if you are using more than one pc. FoxMarks allows you to sync you firefox bookmarks on multiple computers.

Customizing Firefox Toolbar - this is really helpful for SEO people, customizing and putting seo tools. You have the capability to add items to toolbars and move items from one toolbar to another. Example of seo tools are seoquake, roboform, and other mozilla add-ons.

Use Pipeline - You can increase your page loads by turning on Firefox's pipeline function.

Use Mouse Shortcuts - Sometimes using mouse shortcuts are easier than using keyboard.

I hope you enjoy this Firefox tips, cause it's really hot! I'm hoping that at least one is new for you. You can add up to above tips, share them through comments.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Google Hot Favicon

Did you notice this? I'm sure there are lots of Professional SEO Company out there who has their insights regarding this.

For me, it is really hot! I saw it yesterday while I'm searching to Google. Is it better than what had Google before. It's definitely yes, IMHO! so what's yours?

Friday, April 25, 2008

SEO Tips! After knowing it, What's Next..

SEO is a long process of improving the volume of traffic to a website from search engines for a certain targeted keywords. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This article gives information on how to improve the volume of your web site's traffic. All the tips that i have written here is based on my own studies and learnings. After knowing this tips, the next thing that comes up to my mind is to share it with you guys.


The main reason why people use SEO on their website is because they want their site to be found. There are many ways for people to find your website. First, tell everyone on the web about your site. SEO takes care of this problem. "Tell Everyone" meaning you need to include relevant keywords so that search engines can analyze what your page is about.


Picking the right keywords for your site is very important. You must pick relevant keyword which is related to your site. For example, keywords "Professional SEO Company" if you are running a website about SEO Company or Internet Marketing Firm.

Start with choosing the right title for your page. Let's say your page is about SEO Company. Then be sure that your page title has the keywords "seo company" in it or let's say "Professional SEO Company".

You place your title in the title tag itself in the header section: <.title>Professional Seo Company<./title>. To see where the header tag is on this page, you can go to View > Page source in Firefox or View > source in internet explorer. The title tag is relevant because it let's people and the spiders know what your page is all about. Choose a title with only few keywords.

Next thing to do, put great keywords in your tags so search engine bots can know what your page is about. See an example below for "seo company".
<.meta name="keywords" content="seo, internet marketing services, sem service">
<.meta name="description" content="SEO Brand Media is the Best SEO Company and Internet Marketing Firm that offers Professional Search Engine Optimization Services. Hire SEO Brand Media today!".>"

Now, Were going to go down to the body page of your webpage. it is important that you have your own unique content. Copying to other site content is not good for SEO. An original content improves his SEO ranking and helps drive more traffic to your website. My primary SEO tip is to work hard on creating unique content.


Good web page naming:
* seo-tips.htm. you can also use seo-tips.html, or .PHP. The extension doesn't matter
* professional-company.htm
* internet-marketing.htm
* PPC-information.htm

Bad web page namings:

* 123.htm (numbers don't mean much if they have no name)
* upload.htm (upload what?)
* peter-page.htm (not many will search for peter's page. if you are going to offer tips, you can call it "seo-tips.html" or something more concrete)

Monday, March 31, 2008

How to get more traffic for your site?

Want to gain maximum visibility to the majority of internet users? Here are the steps on optimizing and bringing more traffic to your site from a Professional SEO Company.

Step 1: Graphics
Mostly an internet user starts his viewing from left to right of a web page. A balanced mix of text and graphics will make your site more appealing and known. Avoid excessive use of graphics unless it is very needed for the site.

Step 2: Simplicity
Most of the successful sites have simple themes and layouts. They can be easily navigate by the internet visitors. Layouts with too much data is thrust into appears visually aesthetic.

Step 3: Use of Proper Fonts
Choosing the right font and font size in a web page is relevant to those users who will visit your site. Many people tend to like or dislike a site depending on the font that is use. Most common fonts that are use by popular sites are Arial and Verdana font, not smaller than 10 size and not bigger than 14.

Step 4: Smooth Background
Same as layouts, background must also be simple and plain. Pictures in the web page should not hinder the readability of the text. Graphic content of the site must not be too much unless very essential part for the subject of the site.